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Skagway Chamber of Commerce
2017 Officers & Directors


President Jackie Schaefer
P. O. Box 297
Skagway, AK  99840
Email:  jjschaefer2009@gmail.com
Term Expires:  12-31-2018
Home Phone:  983-2427
Work Phone:  612-0200
Vice-President Katie Klug
P. O. Box 1225
Skagway, AK  99840
Email:  kathrynklug85@gmail.com 
Term Expires:  12-31-2017
Home/Cell Phone:  612-0824
Work Phone:  612-3071

Lea Mauldin
P. O. Box 567
Email:  lmauldin@aptalaska.net  
Term Expires:  12-31-2017

Home Phone:  983-3505
Cell Phone:  973-2297
Work Phone:  983-2297 
Director Vanessa Flynn
P. O. Box 285
Skagway, AK  99840
Email:  vsigns71akskag@yahoo.com
Term Expires:  12-31-2017
Home/Cell Phone:  612-0725
Director Susie Cochran-Anderson
P. O. Box
Skagway, AK  99840
Email:  suscochran2@gmail.com
Term Expires:  12-31-2017 
Home/Cell Phone:  612-0980
Director Georgia Jackson
P. O. Box 401
Email:  Rambo_31_02@yahoo.com
Term Expires:  12-31-2017
Home/Cell Phone:  706-318-7702
Director Jennifer Castle
P. O. Box
Skagway, AK  99840
Email:  akjenc@hotmail.com
Term Expires:  12-31-2017
Cell Phone:  907-612-0480
Office Administrator Blaine Mero
P. O. Box 194
Skagway, AK  99840

Email:  chamber@aptalaska.net
Work Phone:  983-1898

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