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Health Care
          Skagway has 1 clinic with X-ray, Ultrasound and urgent care capabilities, staffed by 3 Advanced Nurse Practitioners, 3 Medical assistants and Behavioral Health Clinician.  Open Monday through Friday year-round with limited Saturday hours during summer.  The clinic is equipped with 9 general exam rooms, one pediatric room, 3 urgent care rooms, dispensary, lab, x-ray and Behavioral Health suite. Rooms for visiting providers that include several doctors, physical therapy, occupational therapy, optometry, dentistry and public health are available.  The clinic provides limited emergency services and facilitates medical evacuation as necessary, emergencies are transported by air to Juneau, if possible, or by road to Whitehorse.

          Skagway is home to several parks and playgrounds, as well as a tennis court, a 2-lane bowling alley, an historical museum, and several camping facilities.  Other recreational activities prominent in Skagway include fishing, hiking, biking, boating, cribbage, bingo, softball, ice skating, cross country skiing and snowmobiling.

Recreation Center
         Operated by the Municipality of Skagway, the Recreation Center offers activities for all ages including a fully equipped weight room, numerous cardio-vascular machines, rollerblading equipment, a full basketball court, rock climbing wall, and outdoor Skate Park.  Numerous classes are offered such as yoga, spinning, rock climbing, Pilates, Body Sculpting, Senior Weight Training, Plyometric, Meditation, and Egosque Method.  All classes and activities are open to residents and visitors alike at very reasonable rates. Summer Hours:  5:30 am-9 pm Monday-Thursday, 5:30 am-8 pm Friday, 10 am-8 pm Saturday-Sunday.  Winter Hours (beginning 9/26):  5:30 am-9 pm Monday-Thursday, 5:30 am-7 pm Friday, 1 pm-7 pm Sunday.

Commercial Property
         The US Park Service leases commercial space in several renovated buildings within the historic district.  There are also a large number of private businesses which often have properties for sale or lease.

Industrial Sites
         The Municipality of Skagway owns 30 acres of filled land on the waterfront, most of which is currently under lease until 2023.  Water, sewer and electric utilities are adjacent to these sites and use agreements and leases are available from the Municipality.  Other areas zoned for industrial use are located on west and north sides of the valley and are under private ownership.

         1 school, pre-K-12, with 17 classrooms, and an average of 84 students, 11 teachers and 1 superintendent.


Newspaper -- The Skagway News @ (907) 983-2354 is published bi-monthly @ $1.50 per issue
Radio -- 1 FM station from Haines (KHNS) and 1 AM station from Juneau (KINY) 

Television -- Alaska Rural Communications System (one station at no cost)

Cable Service from Skagway Cable TV @ (907) 983-2005

Satellite TV available from Dish Network
Cell Phone Service -- There is no local vendor for cell service companies.  Pre-paid cell phones can be purchased at Radio Shack/Broadway Video @ (907) 983-3399.


As of August 2015 -- all prices are approximate and are subject to change

Food:  Average minimum cost per week
Family of two $220.00
Family of four $316.00
Gallon of milk $6.69, loaf of bread $2.29-$5.07 depending on variety, 1 dozen eggs $4.45, ground beef $4.29 per lb.
Housing:  Rentals
Apartments Homes
1 Bedroom $800.00+ 1-2 Bedroom $1,200.00+
2 Bedroom $1000.00+ 3 Bedroom $1,300.00+
Property Sales
Homes Lots
1-2 Bedroom $300,000+ Residential - $75,000+ (50'x100')
3 Bedroom $350,000+ Commercial - $125,000+ (site & size varies) 
Water & Sewer

Supplier: Municipality of Skagway
@ (907) 983-2297 or (907) 983-2151 (fax)

Turn On or Turn Off $36.00 Service Charge
Residential $60.00 per quarter for water
$30.30 per quarter for sewer
Commercial Varies with usage
Size of mains 6-12 inches
Source Wells
Consumption 650,000 gallons daily average
Sewage Treatment Primary
Garbage Service Supplier: Municipality of Skagway
@ (907) 983-2297 or (907) 983-2151 (fax)
Frequency Weekly
Residential $69.36 per quarter (1 trash can)
$108.96 per quarter (2 trash cans)
Commercial $80.74 per quarter (1 trash can)
$118.32 per quarter (2 trash cans)
$436.56 per quarter (1 dumpster)
$39.12 (dumpster on call)
Disposal method Incinerator
Electricity Supplier: Alaska Power & Telephone Co. @
(888) 983-2207 or (907) 983-2903 (fax)
Rates $.24 per KWH
  $48.00 + tax power hookup
  $100.00 refundable deposit (residential)
  $100.00 refundable deposit (commercial)
Telephone Supplier: Alaska Power & Telephone Co. @
(888) 983-2207 or (907) 983-2903 (fax)
Residential $34.00 + tax, per month/minimum
$100.00 refundable deposit
Commercial $36.94 + tax, per month/minimum single line
$44.00 + tax, per month/minimum multi line
$100.00 refundable deposit
Internet Supplier:  Alaska Power & Telephone Co. @
1 (888) 983-2207 or (907) 983-2903 (fax)
DSL DSL/Broadband Internet access has many plans
available, please see website @ www.aptalaska.com

NOTE:  Prices change weekly (as of August 2015)

Fuel - Heating Supplier:  Petro Marine @ (907) 983-2259
Supplier:  Klondike Fuels @ (907) 983-3835
Furnace Oil #2 $3.15 per gallon
Stove Oil #1 $3.25 per gallon
Fuel -Auto Supplier:  Family Fuel @ (907) 983-2595
Supplier:  Corner Station @ (253) 973-9185
Gasoline $4.05 per gallon, regular unleaded
Propane Supplier:  Corner Propane @ (253) 973-9185
Propane $3.90 + tax per gallon


Skagway is a Municipality with an Assembly/Manager form of government and is located within an organized borough.
Taxes: Sales Tax 3% for 1st & 4th quarter; 5% for 2nd and 3rd quarter
Hotel Bed Tax 8%
Property Tax: Real Property 7.00 Mills for Service Area 1, Historic District (FY 2011)
Total Valuation $378,570,100.00
Court System: State of Alaska Magistrate
Police Department: Staff:  1 Chief, 1 Sgt., 2 Patrol Officers, 1 Community Code Enforcement Officer, 1 Office Clerk, 4 Dispatchers
Fire Department: Staff:  4 full time employees and 34 volunteers respond to over 200 calls annually.
Equipment:  (2) engines, (1) tanker, (1) brush truck, (1) light-duty rescue, (2) ambulances, (1) utility support vehicle, (1) command vehicle, (2) 24-foot mass casualty/mobile command trailers, (1) 32 foot public safety boat and (2) training trailers.

Skagway experiences a maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters.  Average summer temperatures range from 45-67F and winter temperatures average 18-37F.  Within the shadow of the mountains, Skagway receives less rain than is typical of Southeast Alaska.

Average Monthly Temperature (1965-2010)
(taken from Western Regional Climate Center)

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
High 27 33 39 50 58 65 67 65 57 48 36 32
Low 17 22 27 33 40 47 50 49 44 37 26 22

Average Annual Precipitation: 26.16 inches

Average Annual Snowfall:

49.1 inches, average snow depth 2 inches


Sea Level
Prevailing Wind Direction: South in summer, North in winter
MEAN Wind Speed: 10-23 MPH

Highway -
Skagway is connected to the Yukon Territory, Canada, and the contiguous 48 states via the Klondike Highway, which is paved, maintained year round, and rated for overweight trucks.

Air - Skagway is 45 minutes from Juneau by air and is served by scheduled and/or charter service from Juneau, Haines and Whitehorse.  Scheduled carriers serving Skagway are:  Alaska Seaplanes @ (907) 983-2479 and Wings of Alaska @ (907) 983-2442.

Sea - Passenger / vehicle transportation service is provided year round by the Alaska Marine Highway System @ (800) 526-6731 (local phone (907) 983-2941), from Bellingham, WA and most of Southeast Alaska.

Freight/Trucking - Alaska Marine Lines, Inc. @ (907) 983-2281 provides freight service via barge from Seattle throughout Southeast Alaska weekly, with trucking by Lynden Transport.

Bus/Car Rental/Taxi - Car rentals are also available year-round from one company, with one more added seasonally.  RV rentals are available year-round from one company, with one more added seasonally.  RV rentals are available seasonally from one company.  Summer motor coach tours from Skagway and local tours are provided by several companies and offer a variety of transportation.  S.M.A.R.T. City Transit @ (907) 983-2743 provides shuttle service for the city area seasonally.

Rail - The White Pass & Yukon Route to Fraser, BC, Canada is a popular summer visitor attraction.  This attraction also connects with bus service to Whitehorse and Northern Alaska, and to the Chilkoot Pass Trailhead.


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