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Explanation of Seasonal Jobs and Housing Availability

Jobs:  Please click on "Local Job Listings" on the bottom left of this page or on our home page.  Skagway businesses conduct their own hiring as there is no local job service available.  Skagway businesses are usually in need of employees for sales clerks, tour drivers (requiring a Commercial Drivers License), hotel workers and restaurant employees.  You may want to check out the web site http://www.coolworks.com/alaska-jobs.  This web site shows a number of employers in Southeast Alaska looking for employees.

Housing:  This can be a challenge.  Many employers do provide housing for their employees, and others can assist their employees as they have first hand knowledge of availability and contacts.  Many summer employees live in tents or trailers in our seasonal camping facility and RV parks.  Spaces are limited and costly.  Some residents rent out rooms in their home, but prefer to know their tenants prior to renting.  Housing challenges most often get resolved; however, be prepared for rustic living arrangements.  Summer in Skagway can be an adventure.

Other suggestions:

Place an advertisement in our local newspaper.
Skagway News
P. O. Box 498, Skagway, AK  99840
Phone:  (907) 983-2354
Fax:  (907) 983-2356
Email:  sales@skagwaynews.com

Have your contacts in Skagway place a notice on our Post Office bulletin board.

Ask your employer for assistance.


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